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Find Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists in  NSW  Get the best prices from 2,000+ of the most reviewed Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists  . Pick from mobile stylists or salons.

Find Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists in NSW

Get the best prices from 2,000+ of the most reviewed Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists . Pick from mobile stylists or salons.

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    Popular Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists in NSW

    • Makeup by Penny


      My passion from an early age has always been in the arts. Having studied fine arts at university & majoring in contemporary still life painting, I later fell in love with the fashion world & the art of makeup design. Spending time in both Paris & Shanghai, I fined tuned my skills to later work with some of the most exclusive luxury brands in the world. With every client interaction, I aim to provide a personalised tailor made experience covering a variety of different occasions & settings. Areas of expertise include Bridal, Fashion, Cinema, TV, FX artistic, Stage, Body painting, Asian Makeup
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    • Makeup by Miriam


      Hi, my name is Miriam. I have a Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services from The Makeup Technicians in Haymarket, Sydney. I am also a trained hair stylist and love making people feel and look beautiful.
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    • Makeup by Nichole


      I am a mobile makeup and hair artist, specialising in natural yet enhanced makeup with focus on luminous skin. I am passionate about using quality yet Cruelty Free products in my kit with complete hygiene focused practice. I embrace the individual natural beauty and style and apply my expertise in hair and makeup, tailoring to each occasion with love and care. I graduated from Academy of Makeup - Diploma degree, where I have learnt how to do SPFX, hair and makeup. I love making people feel beautiful and confident.
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    • Makeup by Yiota


      Certified and professionally trained Makeup Artist from the Makeup School of Sydney with over 2 years of experience. Friendly, focused and fabulous, desirous of sharing methods and techniques in Makeup!
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    • Makeup by Melissa


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    • Makeup by Cara


      Qualified makeup artist based in Sydney with over five years’ experience. I’ve worked for brands such as Chanel and Sephora and I love doing any makeover, from a soft, natural glam to a crazy colourful festival look!
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    • Makeup by Christina


      I'm a married mum with a baby girl, born and raised in New Zealand and have been living in Australia for 10years. With 15 years experience I have a strong passion for all things Makeup & Beauty & lecture here in Brisbane. I specialise in Airbrush Makeup & I pride myself on making you feel special & providing outstanding service.
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    • Makeup by Sheryl


      Hello, My name is Sheryl, I am a passionate hairstylist and makeup artist with over 25 years experience in industry. I have qualifications as a licensed hairdresser, a DIP in specialised makeup, inclusive of SPFX, and a DIP in beauty therapy. I have a diverse background in all areas from working with bridal, fashion designers/photographers, and film sets. With having publications in Australia and abroad, my work has taken me Los Angeles. I love using quality natural, non-abrasive products, learning new skills and connecting with beautiful people. I look forward to meeting you.
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