Sometimes it can be difficult to know just how to match your hair and makeup to your favourite LBD (little black dress). Have you been scouring the internet searching for the best combination? Seen countless Pinterest boards and nothing seems to be quite right? Here is a compiled list of the most perfect combination of hair and makeup ideas for absolutely any occasion you plan to wear your favourite LBD too.


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Updated Jun, 2022

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But what about the basics?

There is some basic skin prepping that will make any makeup look pop on the face and compliment your dress perfectly! It is always recommended to keep the face simple and classic. A natural base that melts into your face is best. Start with a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and/or night. If you place your creams and toners on before your makeup, make sure the consistency is thin, but also that you leave your skin the time to dry before applying makeup products. This will ensure that your makeup sticks to the skin. 

Speaking of makeup sticking to the skin, a thin, sticky primer will help make your foundation last hours upon hours. Regardless of whether or not your makeup is for the day, night, or both, you want it to stay in place, and a good primer before your foundation and concealer, then paired with a translucent setting powder will give you the classic foundation you need. With this guide, you will now be able to pick the perfect look for the right occasion.

Wedding Guest

You’ll find that wearing a black dress to a wedding will be either for a wedding with a formal or business casual dress code. If it is an outdoor wedding, a small black sundress or a-line will match the occasion perfectly. Soft beach waves for your hair may just be the perfect thing, try a mermaid hair waver to give you a great soft wave to your hair, perfect for hair of all lengths. Pin one side back with a rhinestone hair clip to add an extra flair to your hair. For makeup, large lashes either with a volumizing mascara, lengthening mascara or even a set of false lashes is a great option. Anything that can make your lashes bolder without distracting is perfect. Enhance your natural features with a soft, sheer eyeshadow on your lid and lower lash line to help open your eyes up with a soft highlight in your inner eye area. Staying with a natural glamour look, a lipstick that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip color will work perfectly also.

Night Out on the Town

A night out on the town is a great time to pull out your favorite black dress and show it off for your friends and the world to see. Starting with that simple base we recommended earlier, a soft contour and highlight will help to enhance your features while also pulling the focus to your outfit. A red lip is always a classic, but if you are going out to eat, a long-wearing, moisturizing lip stain in a neutral color can be just as effective. If you are heading towards the clubs and pubs, a red lip could be considered more appropriate, matched with a soft brown smokey eye. 

Formal Events

Many of us go to formal events throughout our lives, company dinners and proms are two of the most common formal events we go to where a black dress may be worn. Wanting to look our best in front of our peers, a slick-back bun or high-pony tail will make the dress the center of attention. A bright highlighter will illuminate any room you walk into, a soft white highlighter for paler complexion or a golden highlighter for darker complexions. A soft shimmery eyeshadow, maybe in either a pink or a soft brown shimmer will bring the entire look together with a natural but glossy lip. Feel free to add a little bit of your favorite highlighter to your cupid’s bow on your lip for that extra pop.


Graduation either from high school or college is some of the most important milestones in your life and you plan to always look your best. A makeup look that will have your friends scream iconic is a black wing. Wing out your eyeliner for a dramatic look that will have everyone fawning over your makeup, paired with a soft glossy red lip for that extra moisture to your face. Ensure that your contour is soft to not distract from your dramatic eye look. For hair at graduation, wear it half-up half-down with a few bobby pins that have pearls or stones on them to emphasize the beauty that is you.


Wearing a black dress to a business event can be difficult, but is also the smartest option. Black equals business and smart but as long as you accessorize right with a soft bling headband and your hair down. Your makeup should be understated and accentuate your natural features. Keep your face natural, even consider skipping the highlighter for a glowy peach blush and a soft contour. For business events, a soft peach or slightly deep pink lip color that is a few shades deeper than your natural lip, matched with a gloss will make your black ensemble memorable.

Natural Day Look

The natural look is one of the tricker styles to master but once you do, you’ll never want to go back. Perfect for a regular day out in town with friends or for a picnic, a neutral makeup style never goes off trend. Pairing soft pink lips with a cream highlighter will give your skin a natural glow that will transcend any other combination. Feathering your eyebrows will add to the natural look you are trying to achieve and if you cannot get away with wearing nothing on your lid, a soft cream tone with a shade darker in the crease will help your eyes open. Forgo the black eyeliner and put your focus on lengthening your eyelashes to reach the sky, make sure you curl your lashes first for an easier application. Keeping your hair in a soft dutch braid or even a fishtail that falls over your shoulder will add to the natural look you will be able to achieve.

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye trend has changed over the years and we have seen everything from black smokey eye tutorials all over YouTube to the occasional colorful smokey eye to make a difference. If you want to go for a colorful eye look, pick a complimentary color to your eyes, for example, green and hazel eyes pop when surrounded by purple. A deep purple smokey eye can also help your black dress speak for itself. You’ll command the room the second you walk into the space, your eyes will be open and to not distract and overpower your face, pair with a more natural, neutral lip look. We recommend a soft brown or deep pink lip liner and a gloss for an extra layer to your makeup look. You’ll match the dark vibes of your dress while standing out with your makeup color choice.

Day-to-Night Look

Everyone likes a good look that can go from the office to the dance floor with a couple of changes. The best recommendation for hair is a style you know and trust, your hair straight with a little volume in the crown or soft curls that you wear often will be most recommended for this style. Grab your favorite black dress and put on a simple makeup style. A soft wing in either a black or deep brown eyeliner will work for your daytime look, with a soft shimmer in the inner corner that matches the highlighter on your cheekbones and you’ll be good to go. 

It is always recommended to contour your face if your makeup is going from day to night as it assists in framing your face and bringing attention to the right areas. Grab your favorite plum or red lipstick and slide it into your purse and replace your natural pink or beige toned lipstick while on the way to the dance floor for a smooth transition to your nighttime look.

Vampy Look

While the popularity and craze around vampires have gone away in pop culture, the style of makeup and dress hasn’t necessarily gone away. Only grown. Deep eyeliner in both the waterline and tight line to close your eyes with a heavy liquid eyeliner is a go-to style when it comes to vamp makeup. Wearing a black dress will only enhance the darkness you are projecting to people around you. Keep the skin pale, forgo the highlighter and bronzer, and focus on your eyes with large lashes and dark eyeliner. Pair with a dark berry or even black lipstick for an extra vampire feel to your outfit and makeup.

Subtle Look

While a black dress isn’t entirely subtle, your makeup can be, and let the dress speak for itself. For this look, natural hair is highly recommended, and picking a more sheer coverage than full coverage foundation as well. Soft eyelashes and a balm instead of a gloss on the lips are even better. If you want to take it up a notch with your make, a soft pink cream blush that melts into either your sheer coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer will help your dress be the centerpiece of your ensemble.

Festival Inspired

It seems to be every other weekend that there is a new festival or a different music event that everyone wants to attend. Your hair in a slicked back, high ponytail, or even double dutch or french braids (with hair tinsel for an additional pop) will keep your hair off your face to enjoy the festivities but it will also put your makeup and outfit on full display. Graphic liner is the flavor of the last few months thanks to the show Euphoria, and everyone and their mother wants to attempt the fancy styles. Curling your wing up into your crease, adding facial gems, and even bringing the eyeliner down into your cheek with different designs will make everyone’s head turn as you walk through the festival. 

After looking through all the ways you can make your LBD pop for different occasions and events, we want to leave you with a few notes. Make sure that your skin is as flawless as possible, using concealer to remove the appearance of any skin imperfections. Make the eyes dramatic and pair the lip to the event. If you are out partying, a fun lip is better suited than a neutral lip, however, if you are wearing black for a more relaxed event, natural is better. We hope that you rock that black dress or outfit wherever you head off with many of our suggestions. 

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